Moya, Thank you SO much for the wonderful pictures of the boys - the whole afternoon was an absolute pleasure and the boys were so at home with you. You have managed to capture the essence of each of the them, both as individuals, and as a pair, and to say that we adore the photos is an understatement. We will treasure them forever, and I'm still unsure how you manged to a picture that wasn't a blur given they didn't stop moving, let alone a whole album!
Emma Hull
Family Portrait Shoot, Edenbridge, Kent UK
My daughter is painfully shy but Moya soon had her relaxed and giggling. Friends and family look at Moya's work and no one says "What a beautiful photo." But rather, "Your daughter looks beautiful in that photo." Thank you for giving her the confidence to smile and be herself.
Suzanne Roberts
Teenage Confidence Portrait Shoot,Oxted, Surrey UK
Moya is calm, friendly and organised and has the ability to put children at ease in front of the camera bringing out their true characters and natural expressions. Our photo shoot was impressive right from the start when Moya ascertained what we wanted and selected the wardrobe for four children that complimented the individual, each other and the surroundings. It was great watching her work, making the children feel at ease, encouraging them and keeping them interested. They really enjoyed the session – an achievement when they were all under ten. Moya’s work is artistic, uses light and reflection in such a clever way and movement that makes you feel that you are still there experiencing the moment. She captures laughter, serenity and the beauty of childhood that brings out tear jerking emotions from all the family every time without fail. Friends and strangers are also impressed by the high quality of her work. All the photographs she selected for us were so good that it was difficult to choose which ones to keep. Her photographs will be treasured by all of us forever.
Gilly Wearne
Family Portrait Shoot, Eastbourne UK
I have had two shoots with Moya during the last 7 months. Whilst I love being the photographer, I am not remotely comfortable by nature as the subject in front of the lens. But Moya is very sensitive and understanding and she creates a warm, relaxed ambience from the moment you arrive. As a result, I found each time I was very quickly able to relax and allow the ‘real me’ to appear whilst she shoots. I am absolutely delighted with the images she produced.
Helen Ingram
Female Portraiture