Family Portrait Shoot at Clients home

Why you should get professional photo’s taken….

I think my family liken me to that of a builder or decorator!

I have a confession to make..which I think many of you can identify with.. I take hundreds of personal photos with my iPhone and digital cameras every year and then I file them away and do nothing with them..If you look around my house I’m the world’s worst at filling photo frames (quite a few empty ones sitting on sideboards-whoops!) and no beautiful canvases or big bespoke frames of my two gorgeous kids, despite having thousands of digital photos sitting on my computer! It dawned on me the other day that the last time I actually sat with my children and had a professional photographer take our photograph was 7.5 years ago this included my mum, my brother, my step-father and my grandma who sadly passed away 4 years ago…if we hadn’t taken those pictures, I wouldn’t be able to cherish one of the last photo’s of her looking well and happy. These images were taken by an experienced photographer, using portrait lighting, retouching was completed on professional editing software, printed by a professional lab that used top quality paper and fresh chemicals, the end result was a selection of beautiful professional portraits that sit beautifully framed on my window ledges and side tables..

The problem is we all have the up-to-date phones with cameras on, digital cameras, video cameras, iPads but many of us snap away and don’t actually print anything, like myself they sit on our computers or in the iCloud and there they stay. We are relying on technology to keep our family memories safe and by storing them so that we can revisit them someday. Here is the question: Do we even have any idea when the media we are now using will become obsolete or can guarantee to keep those moments in time of our family history safe?

Also, many people think that in this digital world surely we don’t need to spend the money on “professional “ pictures anymore? can’t we crop and edit our own snapshots ourselves to get a beautiful picture? Omitting to remember that it is often us mother’s that are most likely to be the key photograph taker, finding ourselves regularly taking the photograph but not actually in it, therefore rarely having a chance to be in our family’s history!

Siblings on Locational Portrait Shoot for Grandma’s 70th present
Siblings on Locational Portrait Shoot for Grandma’s 70th present

I said to a client the other day that actually our children only see us as we are, they don’t remember us as we were…young, fit, strong, loving, pretty, confident, quirky, fun-loving! So with that in mind, it’s really important to make sure we all have photographs to look back at.

I wish to gently challenge all of you reading this to book yourself a professional portrait sitting. Allow an experienced professional to observe and pose your family to reflect the best that you and they can be, to professionally edit your photographs to create beautiful pieces of imagery for you and send it off to their professional printing lab for reproduction. Allowing you then to proudly display it on your wall for family and friends to enjoy. They will thank you in years to come! Do this for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren! There is no better way than to display your family photos on your walls or in beautifully designed albums for your coffee tables. Our children will not remember us for the images we stored on our computer, they remember us for the pictures on the wall and time we spent together flipping through albums!

So, in 2016 I am going to challenge myself to stop taking photos and filing them away. I’m even going to get one of my trusted and experienced colleagues to do a family shoot out on location for me…otherwise my grandchildren may never know what I looked like!

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